Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 It's Fall!!  My favorite part is seeing the leaves change colors.  It reminds me of my wedding day!  So, needless to say we learned about leaves/fall this week.

After talking about what happens to leaves in the fall, we went on a fall walk to see if we could find leaves in all different shapes and colors.  Here they are with their bags ready to go!

 Pretty sad, but this is the ONLY tree in our yard, and as you can's still green.  We weren't going to get very far with our one tree so we walked through the neighborhood down to the park where there are, well, more trees.

Stopping for berries along the way from our neighbors tree

Just what I was hoping to find!  Beautiful orange and red leaves from this tree at the park..

 We took our leaves home and dumped them on the table to see what colors and types of leaves we found.  We also got out the magnifying glasses to explore them a little closer.

Using contact paper and craft sticks, we made little leaf hangings so they could display their findings...

 (excuse the 'oranginess' of these photos....totally wasn't viewing my pictures to see if my settings were off....just kept on snapping)

Hang it in a window and ta da.  Now they can be reminded of God's creation and how everything he makes is uniquely beautiful!


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