Monday, September 10, 2012

First day of preschool- Take 2

We're back at Preschool on Mondays at our house!  I love teaching this age.  I love how learning is fun and they love to learn!  Like most preschools, we began with a lesson in APPLES.  I've added and changed a few things from last year but have the same little cuties. 

 I had to take a 'first day' picture of  course


And if you make them take a nice picture, chances are they are going to make you take a silly picture too.....


One thing I have added this year, is writing numbers.  We started with good ol' #1 today...nice and easy for even little Emma to do on her own.  I found a little poem that says "Straight line down and then you're done, that's the way we make a ONE"  
So here is their own 'Ones" on their dry erase boards..............

Our story to go with our Apple theme was "Ten Apples Up on Top"  We talked about how silly and hard it would be to walk around with 10 apple on our head.  We got out an apple and tried to walk while balancing just one apple on our head.    Not easy to do!

And then of course an apple snack.  Apples with Peanut butter and apple juice.  We talked about the different parts of the apple and cut it open to find the seeds.

 Then this fun little craft.  I could only take an 'after' picture because my hands were covered in red paint 'during'.  It says "How many apples up on top?"  We glued a picture of them at the bottom of the paper and then stamped an apple in red paint and counted how many apples we could put on top of our picture.  Note:  Apple stamping works much better if you can actually cut the apple perfectly straight.....otherwise your stamps turn out funky like ours :(

Then some letter and number tracing.  On a piece of paper I wrote a "1" and "one" and on the other side an "A" and "a".  Slip it inside a sheet protector and voila an instant traceable dry erase page.

 That's all for today.  We will be doing a few more apple things next week too :)

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