Monday, October 29, 2012

Candy Corn Fun

How do I get so behind on these blogs?  Yikes!  Well, let's see how caught up I can get before the beauty of naptime ends......

Since there is only two days before Halloween, I thought we'd do some fun things with Candy Corn....that disgusting little candy that so many people think is delicious.

Working on a candy corn craft...........

This is a game I found on pinterest and tweaked a little bit.  The charts in front of them have number 1-12 on them.  We used a large die and rolled it, counted how many dots there were and then put a piece of candy corn on that number.  Obviously, we could only go through numbers 1-6, but a second die could be used and the numbers could get added together to use all 12 numbers.
 I chose to stick with just numbers 1-6 because the second round we did, they then got to eat which ever candy corn piece the die landed on.  Six pieces of candy corn.....definitely enough to have at 10am!

Next game....Feed the pumpkin.  Object of the game was to thrown pieces of candy corn into the dish.  We then would count how many pieces of candy corn each pumpkin ate.

I can't tell you how many uses I've come up with this 3 section dish from the dollar store......

Here's an easy learning activity that anyone can put together....... 

Write the alphabet on a magnetic chalk board or dry erase board and let the kids match alphabet magnets to the correct letter.

In addition to our fun games/activities we were learning to write letter "p" and number "3" (using the poem 'around the tree, around the tree.  that's the way we make a three!')

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