Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple lesson (part 2)

It is apple season!  And we finished up last week with another lesson on apples.  I picked a few fun crafts and activities I thought the kiddos would enjoy and I hope you do to.....

For our craft, I found this cute idea here

 Again, couldn't take pictures during the project but here's the after pictures. 

My kids love to help cook, so I like to plan time for them to do just that.  I had seen an idea on pinterest to make individual little apple pies using crescent rolls.  Sounded yummy to me!
Can't get that boy to just smile anymore....he thinks this is the funniest pose ever!  LOL


 Here they are spreading melted butter on the crescent roll, sprinkling on some cinnamon, and rolling up an apple slice inside.

Ta Da!

Here's the after baked photo.  They were pretty good considering we didn't even add any sugar to it!

I got out our foam craft sticks while I cleaned up snack messes.  They used the sticks to build shapes and letters

We played "hot apple" and if they had the apple when the music stopped they had to answer a question about apples (where do they grow?  what's inside? what can you make with  them? etc)  This probably works better in a large group setting where you can actually pass the apple around in a circle without everyone's hands already on it.  haha

And finally...they now know all there is to know about apples!! (At least at a 2&3 yr old level).  So they earned an apple tattoo.  Here they are showing it off.....

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