Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Rain Lesson

Our lesson today focused on 'rain'. We talked about Spring weather and why the rain is important.

For Craft, we made fingerprint rain drops (these kids love to paint!) and added an umbrella for the finishing touch.

Can't say I had anything exciting for snack time unless you think graham crackers are exciting. We did have an exciting Science experiment though......

We talked about the water cycle. I found a simple picture showing the water cycle here. I didn't go into depth obviously, but they did learn the word 'evaporate'

Then we made it rain up in here.......

We used cottonballs (clouds) to soak up the ground water. The kids then squeezed their cloud to see the water come back out. We repeated our own water cycle over, and over, and over, and over, until the clouds began finding other things to rain on...like the floor.

I don't have pictures of the worksheet activities we did, but you can find them here if interested. We did the letter lightning match and the dot to dot umbrella page. I love this website for finding worksheets to go along with our lessons!


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