Monday, March 12, 2012

It's St. Patty's week! I love Holidays, there's just so many fun activities to do! It was hard to pick which activities to do, but I guess it's only Monday. Hopefully, I'll have a few more things to add later in the week (if I make it to the store first!)

For our craft we made Shamrock window clings (yes, I realize that's not a window!) It's also great magnet free art to go on the fridge that my 'Wednesday crew' can't take off :)
We stuck these shamrock shapes I cut out onto contact paper and the littles used their fine motor skills to put little pieces of tissue paper inside the shamrock.

Can't have a St. Patty's unit without a good hunt for gold! I hid lots of coins around our basement and set the little leprechauns free.

Here's the leprechauns counting their gold.

The cupboard was pretty bare today, so this was a very impromptu snack idea. I had hoped to do something like corn pops (they look like gold) or fruity cheerios (colors of the rainbow) or good ol' Lucky Charms but we don't typically have those on hand and I didn't make it to the store so opted for a healthier snack of vanilla yogurt with a tiny bit of green food coloring. They stirred up their yogurt and got quite a kick out of watching it turn green.

Finally, I printed and cut out these pattern cards I found here. We worked on an AB pattern using gold/leprechauns and then rainbows/shamrocks.

And now I'm REALLY craving a Shamrock shake from McDonalds!!! Happy St. Patty's week!

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  1. I'm sure the "Wednesday Crew" will find a way to get them off the fridge if they really want to!

    Klarisa :)