Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life on Wednesdays

This is life at my house on Wednesdays when I get the opportunity to share life with 2 additional sweet children.  And although I am outnumbered 4 to 1 I love to see the sweet friendships forming between these 4 precious kiddos!  This blogpost is well much in fact that one of them doesn't come anymore now that it's summer time.  But here's a look back at the past few Wednesdays......

Sand is a curious thing for little Ella.  She doesn't love to play in it, but more likes to watch sand dump out of things when she picks them  up :)

Fish and bugs in the sensory table.  too eat or not to eat????? hmmm

Tessa hard at work checking her email.  One of her FAVORITE toys at my house!

Lunch time!  2 chairs, one booster seat, one high chair and a really messy floor....

the girls appearing as though they take turns niceley ;)

My fav pic!  All the girls figuring out how to put their bubble wands in the bubble container.

Can't forget about Blake.  He's just teaching Tessa how to hopscotch while wearing rainboots ;)

Bubbles and

Tessa and "buddy" checking out the bubble machine :)  She LOVES going outside!

Emma watching the bubbles

Love this sweet little face!

Ella checking out the bubble machine, not quite sure what she thinks.  But we do now know that bubbles inside are not okay for Ella.  Bubbles outside however are ok. 

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