Friday, March 9, 2012

A new tooth for Blake

We had a minor accident involving a floor and a 3 year olds face this week, causing his front tooth to break.....

We made a quick trip to the dentist for x-rays and bad news. The chip was so high that the nerve in his tooth was exposed which meant we had two options. Option 1: pull the tooth which is I'm sure painful, insert a spacer and have no front tooth for 4 years (about the time it would take for his adult tooth would come in). Option 2: remove the nerve and tissue from that tooth (similar to a root canal) and place a cap over the tooth, which again is obviously painful. To top it off, we had to make a decision and get it fixed within 48 hours.
We went for option 2

Here's Blake at the dentist office, rocking some cool spiderman glasses they gave him. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with Dr. Sarah. She is an AWESOME dentist by the way!

A little nitrous, A lot of prayer, and 45 minutes later we walked (Blake bounced) out of the office with a new tooth and some very special prizes he bought with his dentist 'token'

Here's Blake showing off his 'new' tooth and one of his favorite race cars which he likes to call Finn McMissle. Thanks to everyone for your prayers! Everything went so smoothly which was just another showing of God's grace.

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  1. We love Dr. Sara! We see her every three months for Lil G's dark tooth (ours was a result of a toddler vs a gate). Glad it got all worked out!!