Monday, March 5, 2012

Ocean lesson

We woke up to snow on the ground and Florida on our mind today. It's a little early to do an ocean lesson, I know, but we're beach bound in 15 days so why not?!

We started the day by talking about all of the things you find in the ocean. This book was given to us by our sweet neighbors and complimented the lesson perfectly. It is a pop up book that makes sounds of the ocean, dolphins, divers, etc. Super Cool!

The littles LOVE to finger paint, and I LOVE crafts using handprints, footprints, or anything to remember their tini-ness. This handprint crab craft was a 'win-win'

Gotta love a good snack-time activity! I found this and other ocean printables here We used our snack (shark, whale and starfish crackers- I know!) to measure how long some of our favorite ocean animals are. Blake LOVES to count and Emma LOVES to eat so another win-win!

I had printed a world map to color here. We used our 'world crayons' we had made on Valentine's day (still need to blog that on) to color our map. And a picture isn't complete until you've added stickers to it so we added some fish stickers in the ocean (and some on land) ;)

We brought the beach inside with a little sand and some sea shells. I layed a beach towel underneath to catch some sand which made for easy clean-up and a nice beach feel (until you look out the window). I had some beach tunes going because music is just necessary during play time :)

This kept little hands busy for a good 30 minutes. Eventually Buzz Lightyear and other toys were getting added and it was time to call it quits though.

A pre/post lunch activity: Alphabet fishing

We are ready to hit the beach!!

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  1. wow, you are so creative. I am so, so, so thankful that you invite Leah to join your Mondays. She loves it and I love that she gets that real"preschool" time. You are amazing. What a huge blessing you and your family is to our family! This just makes me want to cry! Thank YOU DANIELLE!!!

    Bobbie Jo