Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Day!

Blake LOVES the snow (or "no" as he calls it)! He looks out the window everyday to see the "no" and loves to touch the snow that gets dragged in the house from our shoes. It's been a rough winter in our house for colds, so we haven't had the greatest opportunity to get him outside. BUT we finally did it......bundled him in his snowsuit and "boos" (aka- "boots") and took him out. Here's a peak at our "no" adventure......

It was an adventure getting him all bundled up. And HILARIOUS to see him walk in his snow boots and snow suit.

Walking in the snow was not so easy!

This is Blake's FAVORITE snowman that our neighbors built. He said hi and bye to it everyday.....until it's head fell off and melted :( Now he says "uh-oh" and points to his own head everytime he sees that last bit of formed snow in its place.

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