Monday, July 13, 2009

The first supper....

No more baby food for this guy.  He's a very 'do it yourself ' kind of baby.  Dr. Boe gave us the go ahead to feed him any and all table food (within reason) and Blake is loving it!

I've posted before about making my own baby food.   Looking back I realize just how much money we were able to save and not to mention the added health benefits.

Here's a rough estimate of how much baby food I was able to get by using good old Dave's produce:

1 sweet potato = 6 baby food containers
1 butternut squash= 7  baby food containers
1 apple = 3 baby food containers
1 pear = 2-3 containers
1 lb organic carrots = 11 baby food containers 


  1. way to go Danielle :) You'll have to show me the ropes one day!

  2. Blake, you have to eat your lima beans!

    Love, Janessa